Electric Conversions

Over the last couple of years, we have begun converting classic cars into full electric classics: Removing the internal combustion engines and fuel setup and replacing them with electric motors, battery packs and control systems. Our shop-owned 1966 Porsche 912 Electric Conversion is a good example.

We also partner with electric conversion specialist shops to restore and prepare classics to be converted by them. An example is this 1987 Porsche 911SC that was a flood victim, and thus a perfect candidate for electric. We will complete restoration, then send the car down to be electrified! 

Why Electric?

It's a fair question. And for some purists, heresy. But once you've driven a classic Porsche or similar with unbelivable power, you'll discover it's an amazing way to own a classic. Add to that the fact that maintenance becomes simpler and you'll be plugging in just like us. 

Convert Your Vehicle

Here at our shop in Colorado, we can convert your classic car to all electric. We'll counsel you on a price range, future values and what we might encounter during a conversion. Some cars don't make sense to convert, as they won't be worth the money you put in. But, let's talk about it. 

Let’s Build One

Another approach for building an ultra-modern classic is for us to find the car for you and convert it. Just tell us what you're thinking and we'll get to work tracking down an excellent classic to start with. We'll convert it and you'll be off down the road. Fast.