As a select team of craftspeople, we are always on the lookout for talented folks that might fit into our system. If you're an experienced metal, body, mechanical or assembly pro, don't be afraid to reach out and send us an email. We'd like to meet you.

We are a full service restoration facility that produces high, show-quality restorations. We operate out of a new, clean 15,000 square foot facility in Englewood, Colorado. Our business has been on the same street for over 20 years.



If you’re a skilled technician and you’re tired of the day to day flag-rate routine, this may be your job. We are looking for an experienced technician who has a proven passion for classics of all kind. Here, you’ll work on some of the most historically important cars of the last century - Maserati, Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari, Jaguar and American Muscle Cars. Please send detailed work history and a few very good reasons why you’re the one for this job. Call 303-761-1245 or click here to download our application and send your information to resume@farlandcars.com.

Restoration Body Technician


We are always looking for new technicians who are well-experienced in body work, paint, and restoration services on foreign and domestic vintage vehicles.

Job skills include:

Body restoration (skills involved in preparing a body in any condition for paint), Filler work, Block sanding, Priming and painting, Organizational ability (to dismantle, photograph, and properly label a full frame-off restoration and its related components), Metal fabrication, Re-assembly after body work is completed

Call 303-761-1245 or click here to download our application and send your information to resume@farlandcars.com

When you are scheduled for an interview, we would like to see photographs of your work. Also, please provide work history and references.

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