Most people are impressed by how clean and bright our shop is. We run a tight ship here at Farland Classic Restoration. On our north side, you'll find the paint booth, mechanical, upholstery and assembly area. On the south, our metal and body teams. Both sides are bright and well-lit to make sure our craftsmen can do their best. We are open 8-5 Monday through Friday and by appointment on Saturday.


For car lovers, it doesn't get much better than a tour of the shop. You'll notice hard-working professionals at their very best. You'll also notice order, not chaos like many other shops. That's how we run things around here. From our financial team, who keeps track of your money down to the penny, to our shop manager, we run things cleanly and smoothly around these parts.

If you come by, please call 303-761-1245 ahead of time and someone can give you a tour of the facilities. We'll introduce you to the guys and you can get a feel for how our mechanical team takes care of engines, or how our upholsterers craft a brand new interior for your favorite old classic.

Please have a look at our Blog Article featuring a tour of the shop.