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Since 1991, we have been doing the finest, award-winning classic car restoration and detailing in the region. Visitors to our shop will find a mix of European and American cars. Some of the projects we decide to accept are family cars that have sentimental value. It's fun to bring these cars back to new condition and know that we are helping preserve some family history for the next generation.

We also restore many seven figure limited production Ferrari, Maserati, Mercedes and other investment cars. These cars are very complex restorations that are often shown in places like Pebble Beach, Amelia, the Quail and Cavallino. It takes intense research and dedication by the team to bring these cars from an often very second hand condition to being a winner at a national event.

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What our Customers are saying

Richard H.
BMW M3, Colorado

Have watched their website for years - so many amazing restorations, and so many great classic cars for sale. Bought a classic I coveted from Farland recently, and had the team help sell a car for me. Both transactions were painless and smooth. Tom and Bill were great. Jack Farland walked me around and let me look at all of the beautiful cars in the shop. Wow! Their consignment process is straightforward and very fair. Great local business.


Mike H.
Rolls Royce Wraith, Bay Area, CA

Best thing I ever did was to buy this car (vintage Rolls-Royce) from Bill at Farland’s.  He provided lots of information before the sale, arranged quick & easy shipping to me and now over a year after the sale he always answers all my questions about the old car. 


BMW 2002

I was in an unfortunate fender bender with my beloved 1971 Colorado Orange BMW 2002, so I decided to bring the car to Farland after talking with them on the phone. I was immediately impressed with their professionalism and attention to quality. They do the absolute best work on classic cars that I've ever seen. I can't recommend the folks at Farland more. From the craftsmen in the shop, to the concierge, to the front office staff and owner, the entire operation is top notch.

Chris D.
1936 Plymouth, Colorado

Farland Classic Restoration has done two seperate cars for me. One was a 1936 Plymouth that had been in my family since the day it rolled out of the showroom. It was nicer than new when they finished. The second was a 1968 GTO that we modernized with a supercharged 572ci engine. What a thrill. It is worth every penny to have it done the right way!

Matthew M.
1987 Porsche 911 M491

I acquired a dream car for me last year, a Factory '87 M491 Turbo Look 911 Cab. The original paintwork had lots of scratches and blemishes that were bothersome to my eye in certain lighting. I visited with Jack Farland and he described how he could dry sand and polish the paintwork to bring it back to its original luster. I am absolutely flabbergasted with the results; the paintwork looks incredible; so much better than I anticipated. Another great experience at Farland Classic Restoration.

Video Gallery

1961 Ferrari 250GT PF Cab Update 4 Final

1962 Porsche Super 90 

1966 Pontiac GTO Walkaround