Our staff is composed of a wide variety of craftsman, business minds and skilled organizers. We all share one thing in common - a passion for classic, vintage and collectible cars. Jack and Trina Farland, the owners of the shop, will only trust our customer's valuable assets to the best classic car specialists around. From upholstery to metalwork to paint and assembly, our team is second to none.

Meet Our Team

Jack Farland

Shop Owner

Jack's family was in the car business since long ago. His father Fo Farland and uncle Temple Buell Jr. owned a Chrysler dealership in Denver, Colorado; Farland-Buell Chrysler Plymouth. Jack started working at the dealership after school and on weekends at age of 12. In addition to Chrysler, Fo and Temple were dealers for Ferrari from 1967-1969 and they collected antique cars. Jack was exposed to rare cars from Europe as well as the muscle cars we all love today. What could be a better education than working on an old Chrysler one day and a Ferrari or Maserati the next.

That tradition is carried on today. Take a tour of the shop and you'll find quite a mix of unusual cars from all over the world. Jack enjoys the challenge of learning about each car and figuring out how to make it better than new.

Bill Orth

General Sales Manager

Bill was predestined to be in the automobile business. His grandfather owned a livery stable in the late 1800s which his father turned into a Ford dealership in 1919. As a teenager, his dad taught Bill successful sales techniques and by high school, Bill was buying older cars needing work out of the classifieds, fixing them up after school and reselling. The sports car bug bit hard after college and he started finding derelict Ferraris to rehabilitate, while owning an off-road motorcycle dealership and working as a new car salesman and manager for Volvo, BMW and Mercedes. By the late '80s he was the sales manager of Denver's Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Alfa Romeo dealership. The Ferrari franchise was added and he became a Ferrari specialist and general sales manager. Personal Ferraris came and went, he became active with the Ferrari Club of America as a track instructor and concours judge at FCA nationals and Cavallino. He is an editor-at-large for Prancing Horse magazine, writing Ferrari-related articles that draw on his 47-year history.

Tom Van Ness

Marketing Director

Tom is a Colorado native who has always had a passion for vintage and collectible cars. After 20 years as a writer and creative director in a wide assortment of advertising agencies, Tom joined the Farland team as Marketing Director. Now, he's in charge of telling the stories of all the amazing cars that we work on, as well as the ones in our showroom. Tom's past professional experience working on Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche advertising gives him the experience to help Farland Classic Restoration embrace the digital age with vintage autos and restoration.

Tessa Farland

Office Manager

Tessa is exactly the same age as Farland Classic Restoration, both born in 1991. She grew up riding her tricycle around the shop and helping her dad do touch up paint on cars. She worked as an Office Assistant at the shop though her college years. After moving to NYC for a few years, where she worked in Restaurant Management, she moved back to Denver to be a part of the Family Business. Tessa took over as Office Manager in 2019. She loves working side by side with her family in a business that truly means something to all of them.